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Human cells as unique biofactories for the production of nanomaterials


Human cells as biofactories of nanomaterials. Such a wonderful concept under the fact that your own skin can be used to produce the next generation therapeutics to treat the melanoma that is causing troubles. 

The production of nanomaterials by human cells is a completely new field, showing a tremendous potential on the fact that, theoretically, any cell type can make nanoparticles if the right protocol, conditions and time are employed. 



Nanomaterials produced by human cells have a unique chemical identity coming from the source, meaning that nanomaterials made by nerve tissue are not the same as those produce by skin cells. 


Due to their special physicochemical properties, they can be used as both selective and broad anticancer agents showing a wide range of cellular responses once introduced in culture. 

Besides, changes in the behavior of the cells occur after synthesis, rendering a novel biocomposite formed of extracellular membranes, cellular materials, and nanoparticles with outstanding properties, such as the withstand of extreme environmental conditions. 


Furthermore, the use of human cells allows for an easy scale-up of the processes and a quick and straightforward production of materials that are available and ready to use within 24 hours after the synthesis.  



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